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Jobs Micro is a leader among numerous free job posting sites in the World. Jobs Micro comes with very great features which makes the work of the employers very easy. In fact it should be termed as the best among many free job posting sites in the World. Jobs Micro provides dashboard for the employers from where they can manage their job posting, edit or renew or delete job posts, manage candidates, shortlist candidates, contact candidates and much more.

With its great presence online, the job posted immediately reaches job searchers across the world and the employers will be contacted by the job searchers in no time. We offer free candidate contact in a simple way. The employers can contact candidates and in the same way candidates can also contact job posters. That is why we say Jobs Micro is the best among other free job posting websites in the World. There are many free job posting websites in the World but we are giving all the benefits which a premium employer and candidate would get.


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