Infotainment with Active Safety and functional safety   &&

Powertrain Calibration Engineer

Automotive Engine controls Training (In Class)

Course Information

The course is Intended for Car Enthusiasts & who are seeking Job in Automotive industry. The course is developed for the engineers/technicians who thrust to support OEM manufacturers to meet Performance, Fuel consumption, Emissions, & other customer demands.

The Course will help you to learn about the Automotive control systems, basic architecture, terminology & the development process that is used to meet engine system requirements

The course provides participants with knowledge on the Automotive domains, Mechanical-Electrical-Electronics-Hydraulics Interactions in Automotive sub systems & the control strategies on a test bench and on a vehicle.


(a) Course Requirements
·         Engineers, Technicians, with background in Mechanical, electrical, electronics, or Industrial engineering who are interested in design & testing of Vehicle Powertrains.

(b) Course Objectives
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

·         Analyze the parameters used to characterize performances, efficiency, combustion, emissions, & Powertrain management.

·         Analyze the architecture and the functions of the engine control systems, Vehicle Network protocols, the sensors/actuators &   In-Loop testing (Hardware/Software).


Infotainment and Active Safety

Course Curriculum

·         It’s a 6 weeks detailed OEM, TIER-1 based training in both infotainment & Active safety.

·         Each topic will be explained in the systems point of View.

·         Every feature and its testing mechanism with the OEM based tools is explained.

·         Training material will be provided on day to day basis.

·         Friday of every week is scheduled for a Seminar or Quiz

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