The current project is for EFS to ‘appoint’ “Introducers” in a number of different locations to operate as follows:

a) Source/locate & arrange to meet with suitable prospective clients: this can be achieved by means of using your existing ‘data bank’ of contacts/connections, as well as by means of skilful use of social media, local business directories, networking, etc. etc. etc.

b) At the first meeting, to complete a ‘fact finding’ questionnaire ( straightforward and non intrusive ). EFS will supply suitable pro formas for this purpose. Following the first meeting with the client it is ordinarily recommended that you arrange, even if this is on a provisional basis, your next meeting. You then forward the ‘fact find’ as a pdf to for the proposal/recommendation/fund selection to all take place as part of the EFS ‘back office’ support. EFS will then e-mail the client ( with a copy to yourself ) of the recommendation and supporting literature ( brochures ) for the client to study as well as encouraging the client to respond with any queries.

c) Then a week or so later toegther with the recommendation/proposal that EFS will have provided, you hold your second meeting whereby you answer any final queries and you ( hopefully ) complete the business in hand. This can often be effected electronically.

The lead time for this activity is that you will not probably establish a business pipeline until a good six weeks has elapsed. Eg. Your first commission cheques ( which ordinarily will be not less than 3.5% of the investment sum being placed ) ought to start to be into your account after you have been operating for a couple of months ( or just under ). Hence you do need to feel comfortable that you are able to cover your basic living costs whilst building up a ‘book’ of business. Some individuals will tackle this business opportunity on a part time basis and then they move onto full time once their cash flow is becoming such that they can cope. Successful Introducers, can readily achieve the target income that you have shown on your resumé. For consistent successful activity EFS will also pay 6 monthly bonuses. These depend upon the quality of the client’s introduced and the overall level of activity.

However EFS has no objection if you act as an Introducer on an ad hoc basis. Eg. Scheduling the activity as and when it suits yourself. This can be useful if you are wanting to operate in another business and your Introducer activity is carried out on a ‘from time to time’ basis.
The EFS approach is generally to set up a ‘Portfolio Bond’ whereby up to 7000 worldwide funds can be accessed. Hence the menu of funds available to select from when making a recommendation with a client is extensive. Please have a look at the EFS main Product Providers: www.old and

There is also an EFS white label site as regards its ‘agency’ with Capital Platforms as well as terms of business with Guinness, Dominion and NEBA.

EFS provides, at nil cost, if needed, distance learning support as well as regular skype video conference sessions.

There are two levels of the Introducer role. The top level is all as outlined above. The next level down is whereby at the (a) stage you simply refer the prospective client’s contact details to EFS/myself having spoken with the client but without having necessarily met with him or her, and no further action is then taken by yourself. The compensation level is then set at half the level previously referred to above. However the best results will probably follow on from those instances where you have a good relationship with the prospective client or you go onto create such a relationship and that will mean that the ‘top level’ is the one to go for.

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